Taking from the Quarantine – Habit Changing

Taking from the Quarantine - Habit Changing

Counseling Hoboken; Mollie Busino, LCSW, Director of Mindful Power. Mollie has had extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Mindfulness. Her work focuses on Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Career Changes, OCD, Relationship, Dating Challenges, Insomnia, & Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

During this timeframe so much has been taken from us – our routines, freedom, for some their health, our sense of security, and predictability. It can certainly be overwhelming when our minds focus on the negative implications of this time period…but after 5 weeks in quarantine it’s time that we decide to not allow this time to take from us without us taking something from it…meaning discovering ways and putting efforts to take some value for ourselves.

So with this theme in mind – I am going to challenges for you to move toward getting some value from this time…these challenges may include habit changing, future planning, mindfulness, etc.

Our first one is…

Habit Changing:
•Take five minutes to list some on the negative habits you have (these could be pre-pandemic or as a result of the pandemic)
•Choose ONE of those habits and develop a brief plan with how to shift it (ex – having the habit of staying up too late:  set a bedtime routine that winds you down 30 mins before your ideal “bedtime”)
•Set a daily alarm for “habit shifting reflection” to ask:  Have you achieved your plan for today? What were the barriers to achievement? How can you set yourself up for a successful tomorrow?