Our mind is the most powerful muscle in our body. In order for changes to occur we must attend to and continuously strengthen our minds.

Mindful Power, LLC offers an opportunity to tap into our strengths and weaknesses, develop clarity, reshape negative perspectives and situations, and express our concerns and desires within a safe and unbiased environment. Regardless of one’s religious/spiritual beliefs, we all long for a life of happiness and peace.

About Mindful Power LLC

Mindful Power is a group psychotherapy practice that specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy,and Mindfulness.

All therapists utilize an approach where they are actively working alongside of their clients to assist in the successful achievement of their clients’ goals.

Sessions are held seven days a week including morning, afternoon, and evening hours. We serve ages from pre-teen to older adult.


Find Our Office

51 Newark St, Suite 404A Hoboken, NJ 07030